We develop software and hardware products for businesses. Our products are stress tested and supporting popular modern technologies and platforms.


We aim to improve the everyday lives of people. Our products are tailored to our clients' needs. We also emphasize 'Greener' products and production methods.


We innovate fast, scalable and reliable systems that evolve together your business needs. In a first changing world; we'll straighten the path for your business.


 Real Estate

Ever tried looking for a hostel or house in town? We feel your pain and we are working tirelesly to deliver a property finder and management portal. We'll roll it out first to help students look for Hostels.


We completed installation of low cost thin client networking solution for Mattugga school to enable students use the internet. We are working to expand to a bigger project that will cover the whole Uganda.


We are actively doing climate research to be able to provide farmers and several other entities timely weather information. Global climatic conditions and we have to use new technologies to keep up.

About Dostrim

Established in 2013, the company has special interest in providing software and hardware solutions to people in all walks of life.

At Dostrim, all society's problems are considered to have an IT aspect to their solutions. Through our services and products, we aim at not only providing IT solutions that suit you but also filling the technological gaps in society.

Our Team is enriched with Software engineers, Computer Engineers, Networking specialists and Business analysist. With this great pool of expertise, doing business with us will without a doubt positively improve both your life and business.

Our Vision is to be a leading Software company orienting towards creating and providing affordable IT solutions to both ordinary and high end customers.

Our Mission is to achieve self Sustainability while providing the Best Technology has to offer to Society